Red clover

Upright short-lived perennial that grows 12-36 inches tall. Has hairy leaves and stems with three leaflets per leaf. Has pink or lavender flowers, and a taproot. There are medium (double-cut) and mammoth (single-cut) types. Medium types flower the year they are seeded and regrow vigorously after cutting. Mammoth types grow slower, maturing about 2 weeks later than medium types. Mammoth types require vernalization to flower and tolerate drought better than medium types.

Managing Cover Crop Profitably Book CoverRed clover: Managing Cover Crops Profitably (SARE Handbook Series Book 9) by Andy Clark (2007, 3rd ed.)

Is Nitrogen Fixation Oversold with Legume Cover Crops?

Daren Redfearn and Bruce Anderson – University of Nebraska

December 2016

Is Nitrogen Fixation Oversold with Legume Cover Crops?

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Making the Most of Mixtures: Considerations for Winter Cover Crops in Temperate Climates

Charlie White, Mary Barbercheck, Tianna DuPont, Denise Finney, Abbe Hamilton, Dave Hartman, Mena Hautau, Jermaine Hinds, Mitch Hunter, Jason Kaye, and James LaChance – Pennsylvania State University


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