Cover Crop Recipes

These publications are intended to provide a starting point for farmers who are new to growing cover crops. With experience, farmers may fine-tune the use of cover crops for their systems. Additional states coming soon!









North Dakota



Cover crop recipes for first-time cover crop users in Indiana

(applicable to corn-soybean rotation in eastern Cornbelt)
Presenters: Eileen Kladivko and Bill Johnson – Purdue University, Barry Fisher – USDA-NRCS

Cover crops can be a useful conservation practice for improving soil health, scavenging and recycling nutrients, reducing erosion, and contributing to more resilient cropping systems over the long term.  Many producers are interested in learning more about cover crop options and trying cover crops in their operation, but they are sometimes overwhelmed by the many different choices and options for cover crops.  This presentation is aimed at providing crop advisors and producers with some simple “recipes” for cover crop use for first-time cover crop adopters.  These recipes are intended to provide a relatively simple, low-risk strategy for integrating cover crops into a corn-soybean rotation in Indiana and the eastern Cornbelt.  The recipes include details on the specific cover crops, seeding rates and dates, and termination guidance and should be useful to both the producer and the crop advisor with limited cover crop experience.


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